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Our Story

Lovedwell brings to you unique, thoughtfully curated, timeless pieces that add a touch of joy to your home and life.

Proudly rooted in India, we are a design studio, meticulously handcrafting products that tell stories. Paying homage to traditional techniques, all of our products are designed in-house, and brought to life by independent artisans from across the country. 

We are not just creators but also explorers. Our passion lies in nurturing self-expression with each piece of Lovedwell collections that awakens your adventurous spirit. Infusing a rich blend of materials, forms and colours, each of our products embarks through a journey of ideation and curiosity before it becomes a significant part of your home. 

Our philosophy harmoniously marries a vibrant palette with modern design sensibilities, resulting in distinctive prints crafted by our in-house team. Every Lovedwell piece adds to your unique story, showcasing your personality through colour, texture, and experimental forms.

All our products are consciously handcrafted using traditional techniques and artisanal skills in materials such as rattan, porcelain and jute, amongst others. As we strive to live in sync with our environment, we believe in creating pieces to be treasured, and not to be periodically replaced. 

Our commitment to conscious creation in a world driven by consumerism extends to the meticulous and ethical sourcing of materials, incorporating sustainability in our design and packaging, ensuring that the pieces are cherished for a good, AND long time, appreciating in sentimental value.